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Use the power of AI algorithms to provide hyper-personalization and next-generation product, price and supplier intelligence.

Retail Industry - Synerise

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We deliver the tools you need for meeting common challenges for retailers

  • Data integration with outdated legacy tools

  • Lack of 360 omnichannel customer view

  • Weak real-time campaign execution

  • Poor mapping and understanding customer journeys

  • Ineffective pricing & assortment management

  • Problems with activating data-driven customer insights


Unified, data-driven and customer-centered commerce

Every interaction is now recorded and analyzed

Real-time data management makes it possible to take advantage of small windows of opportunity before the close by delivering just the right content at just the right time.

Every experience is now personalized

Every customer interaction is being processed by AI algorithms and executed by world-class personalization tactics that drive results. Thanks to this, retail companies can deliver the next-best offer in every possible channel.

Every decision has the data behind it

Almost unlimited analytical capabilities help to understand customer behavior and get actionable insights for future activations. Eliminate guesswork and provide exactly the content and experience that customers expect.

Why it matters?

Proper data collection is the key to a better understanding of the customer

Customer behaviors and habits are constantly changing

Real-time data processing is necessary for correct segmentation

Synerise works at the top of all the solutions used and gives additional amazing possibilities

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Success story

Dividing data, multiplying profits

AZAGroup is a Polish capital group focused on the fashion industry and consists of three brands. Born2be offers fashionable clothing and footwear for women, men and children. The Renee brand offers clothes and shoes inspired by the latest global trends. Multu is a shoe outlet that offers many designs and models of shoes at great prices.

    11%higher average basket value

    Increased conversion from AI recommendations

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