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AI Retail Growth Suite

A cutting-edge, data-driven solution for delivering retail growth through customized offers and price & promotions management

AI Retail Growth Suite - Synerise

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core features

Turn your data into insights

Ai algorithms at each step

Relevant models and algorithms power each use case in the workflow.

Direct link between goals and AI models

Embedded business goals & targets as optimization guidelines and constraints.

Explainable AI recommendations

Glass-box concept with natural language explanation of each recommendation to enable user adoption.

Augumented AI logic

Combining business logic, rules and user feedback with training of AI models to build trusted source for the majority of automated decisions.

Execution capabilities and real-time monitoring

Full end-to-end visibility and management of system-recommended actions, including smart alerts and impact assessment.

Blurred imageAi algorithms at each step
Blurred imageDirect link of business goals to ai models
Blurred imageExplainable AI recommendations
Blurred imageAugumented AI logic
Blurred imageExecution capabilities and real-time monitoring
Blurred imageAI algorithms at each step of the solution

We further develop our AI Retail Growth Suite in a lighthouse partnership formula.

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Additional capabilities of our AI Retail Growth Suite

  • Omnichannel approach in the core of the solution

    Customer journeys are tracked across multiple channels, formats and stores for a fully integrated and unified customer profile.

  • Full business process coverage, from strategy to execution

    AI models supply more complete information for better-informed, more accurate decisions on strategic, tactical and operational matters.

  • Robust development roadmap for subsequent extensions and new modules

    AI Retail Growth Suite planned new releases and developments of new modules e.g. mark-downs, supplier collaboration, data monetization