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Synerise AI algorithms allow us to learn the shopping preferences of our customers and on this basis to tailor our commercial offer to each of the recipients separately.

This translates into a number of conveniences in the purchasing process that benefit e-commerce customers, stationary stores, as well as users of the ‘My Carrefour’ mobile application. 

Michał Sacha, Marketing, Digital, IT, E-commerce and Financial Services Director
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The cooperation between Żabka and Synerise is a true partnership.

Together we develop innovative tools for marketing automation and personalization. Synerise is characterized by openness, a pro-client attitude, creativity and a search for new paths to achieve business goals on many levels. 

Michał Opacki, Director of Digital Consumer Solutions
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We cooperate with Synerise as an innovative partner for long-term digital transformation. 

Their openness, flexibility, experience and the enormous technological possibilities they create give us confidence and we're excited about what the future will bring. Working with Synerise makes it easier for Neonet to maintain our commitment to end customers, their interactions with the brand and their loyalty. 

Magdalena Misiarz, Director of eCommerce Marketing
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Success story

Building better customer experience and growth in e-commerce

Synerise cooperates with Orange Polska, the market leader in mobile telecommunications, internet and data transmission, by supporting their digital transformation and providing customers with the best experience of using modern technologies. Synerise solutions help Orange acquire and retain satisfied customers, driving an increase in the share of digital channels in overall sales.

    +75%dynamic content conversions
    +100%inApp/simple push conversions
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Synerise offers solutions that exceed the competition, especially in the field of AI.

Thanks to advanced data-gathering methods, we can effectively match communication to specific customers and focus on personalization, the foundation of all modern marketing strategies. Also, the tools allow for noticeable improvements on a site without the need for code-level interference. Working with Synerise means being ready for the future.

Daria Kowalczyk - Senior Project ManagerKomputronik
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Synerise has greatly facilitated the collection and analysis of our data.

We understand the potential of our customers better, have more knowledge about what they need, and we know when and where to engage them. We have noticed a 10% increase in conversions from ads, a decrease of 25% in canceled reservations, and an increase of 87% in open rates YOY. With Synerise, we most value our good relationship and an unconventional approach to business. 

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Synerise makes every effort to ensure that the product delivered to SKODA meets our expectations in terms of functionality, availability and efficiency.

We always meet with openness, ingenuity and a quick response to emerging questions. Customer service and technical support of the platform enhance our relationship. Our cooperation is recognized in partner category. 

Paweł Witek, Communication Specialist

We focus very much on the satisfaction of our customers, so personalization of their experiences was exactly what we needed.

In the first months of our cooperation with Synerise, we decided to implement recommendations frames, AI search and push notifications, which resulted in great business performance: 21% CTR for recommendations, and +15% increase in average basket value. Sustainable development is crucial for us and we look forward to enjoying a true partnership with Synerise

Aneta KazanowskaVistula
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We chose Synerise as a partner for long term digital transformation with tremendous opportunities. 

We started with online personalization (AI Search, product sets, recommendations), as well as creating a unified customer view with advanced behavioral analytics, on the basis of which we will use the advantages of omnichannel communication. The next elements on our common roadmap are offline real-time integration and a loyalty program. The first weeks of cooperation show that our choice of a partner for a long-term change was right

Katarzyna Zielińska - E-Commerce DirectorCoccodrillo
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AI solutions from Synerise have provided a new quality of personalized shopping experience for our clients and improved sales.

Recommendations allow customers to find products that match their preferences and choose add-ons, and the AI Search engine makes it possible to display matching models faster and better.

Arkadiusz Kotula, E-commerce Manager
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