Marketing Cloud cover - the image shows a combination of clouds and symbols: percentage, plus, elipsis

Why Marketing Cloud Rules the Digital Business World

Remember the times of your childhood, when you lay on the grass on a hot day and watched the fluffy white clouds drifting in the sky? You can still daydream while gazing at the sky today but a new kind of cloud has become an integral part of the business landscape. Let’s take a look […]

The image represents communication channels in a lead nurturing campaign, with a light bulb in the central part and colorful wires in the upper part.

Lead Nurturing Campaign Guide: Email, SMS, What Else?

In the previous post of this short series , I introduced the topic of lead generation and listed different goals of such campaigns. In this post, I’ll take a different angle and focus on communication channels to use in a lead nurturing campaign. There are more channels you may use, of course, but I limited […]

Implement CRM: cover

When to Implement CRM (and Why It’s Right Now)

Customers rule the market. They can choose between offers, set individual preferences and decide on the basis of their tastes, even the from modest to the most extravagant. More and more often, they don’t have the time and desire to stand in queues. They expect immediate solutions within their budgets and tailored to individual needs. […]