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Video – how to get the most out of the most effective marketing tool

We live in a time when the getting the attention of consumers is a major challenge. Most of them are pressed for time and try as much as they can control what they do and don’t see online. It’s also harder than ever to get consumers to focus on text content as well since they have so much choice when it comes to how they want to spend their time. This is why video has become the go-to solution for getting and holding attention in the virtual world in the 21st century.

It’s all about video

According to Cisco, video will account for 79% of consumer traffic on the internet by 2018. They believe that video will become the most effective tool for communicating with the media as well as with your target group, which expects ever-more engaging and professionally prepared content.

But ask yourself, why do we like video so much? Well, first of all, we can start with the fact that it’s so easy to interact with. We associate it with entertainment and it can speak to many emotions. On top of all that, it easily gets our attention and we are more likely to retain information it communicates. Its potential is enormous and offers something for businesses looking for a variety of solutions. The “play” button brings to benefits to all sides!

Video helps out stand out from the crowd and provide the kind of experience that so many are searching for online. It informs and educates viewers about products that they could be interested in or that they’re looking for.

Video is a way to accelerate the customer’s progress along the sales path. Video Brewery tells us that those who watch a video in an online store are 64% more likely to buy than those who haven’t.

How to effectively use video in marketing

Video marketing has slowly increased its profile and has become one of the most popular forms of contemporary marketing.

If you want to get results in today’s marketplace, you have to use innovative modern solutions. Take advantage of these new opportunities and connect things that might not seem to be connected at first glance, like video marketing and marketing automation. Automation is part of any modern approach to marketing and can enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns. Before you get started with such automation, you need to choose the best video format for what you want to communicate. We can group the options into a few categories:

  • video tutorial – instruction on how to use a products and advice, it informs how to best make use of a given product
  • video blog (vlog) – a forum for lots of things but also a guide to everything from cooking to travelling to fixing your car
  • video reviews –  all the important information about a product from the customer’s point of view. Reviews from actual customers enjoy more trust
  • animation – a great and sometimes quirky way to tell a story. It makes it easier to explain subjects that aren’t otherwise easily described, especially to younger audiences
  • webinar – an online training session, demonstration or workshop transmitted live online. Use them to build awareness of a brand, to educate and interact with customers

If you want to make full use of the potential of video, integrate it with a platform that focuses on the analysis of customer behavior and their interests. Customer Experience Management allows you to match the best sales solutions to the needs of the customer. This is what Synerise does by helping you to quickly and effectively identify potential buyers for your products or services and engage them in the sales process. This is where a customer journey helps – a map of the possible behaviors and actions that might take customers in different directions and planned reactions for them. Creating this kind of marketing plan lets you follow customer contact with your brand and set up automated responses. Here’s how to use a Customer Journey in connection with video marketing:

This automated path applies to situations when the customer visits your website and fills in a particular form like a newsletter signup form (step 1 FORM SUBMITTED). This will trigger the creation of the appropriate tag (step 2 TAG) and be sent an email with an invitation to watch a video (step 3 SENT MAIL). If a customer clicks on a link in the message (if he watched the video), then after a certain amount of time (step 4 DELAY) he will be sent a follow-up message with a link to products recommended in the video (step 5 SENT MAIL). Remember that today customers don’t simply buy products, they wait personalized offers and that’s why communication adapted to the needs and expectations of consumers is so important.

How to prepare video that is both attractive and accessible to customers

A well-made video will eventually find its audience in this day and age of sharing and forwarding. First, though, you need to identify what kind content your customers and potential customers are looking for.

Next, you have to create a story that will not just stay with viewers, but lead them to want to get to know your brand better. The first few seconds will decide if viewers will stick with the video until the end or just move on. We all know that a good story holds the attention that you need to ultimately make a sale. Just watch this for a reminder of the power of engaging video content.

Home improvement retailer Castorama also uses video marketing to raise their online profile. They created a series of short clips with advice for do-it-yourselfers but they did it in such a way that it doesn’t come across as a sales pitch but rather as a help resource to answer common questions and get the job done. One look at the number of views the videos get make it clear that they’re a hit!

Videos should entertain, inspire and educate while communicating who you are and what you do. It’s also important to remember that video marketing isn’t limited to visual content. It’s also a great way to direct viewers to a registration page, links to products, store addresses and other ways to interact with customers.

What should you know about creating video materials?

Video marketing is a great way to enhance your social media presence. Data from ReelSEO shows that 82% of marketing professionals surveyed say video has been an effective tool for them. Video material generates more interest in products that are difficult to describe in text and is great for showing how they work.

5 rules for creating video content

  1. Choose the right products

The increase the effectiveness of your work, first identify which products are best suited to the video format. If it is an expensive product or difficult to describe, it’s likely an excellent candidate for video!

  1. Focus on the pros

Show what makes your product different and how it stands out. Use video to show all the advantages that your product delivers.

  1. Show how it works

A short film showing how the product works is more attractive than a longer set of monotone instructions.

  1.  Shorter is better

Consumers prefer short films packed with content. Try to keep your video to sixty seconds or less.

  1.  Promote your brand

Focus on sharing the appropriate information about your brand with links, icons, etc.

To recap, make sure that your plan has to be consistent with what you want to achieve. Your concept is key and even the most well-produced video will not be successful without a good one. It’s also important that your video call on viewers to take some kind of action – leave a comment, “like” it, share it, subscribe to your channel or something to get them engaged. The most important element in the buying process is fulfilling needs and desires. In the fight for sales, the business that offers its products and services where and when consumers want them will win. If you get these things right, you can be sure that your video content won’t simply disappear into the crowded virtual world. Put video marketing at the top of your list of elements to include in your next online marketing campaign.

Video – how to get the most out of the most effective marketing tool
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