Master data with AI and level up your business

A powerful ecosystem driven by Artificial Intelligence with real-time data orchestration created to drive business growth


Trusted by the world’s most disruptive companies 

We were born in the cloud and raised by data

With our experience and scientific approach to technology, we democratize AI and harness its capabilities to enable new ways to apply data to customers and business.

Always innovate and never follow

We say no to vendor locks and believe in strong intellectual property.   
Our ecosystem is based on three pillars that let us stand out from the crowd. 

  • Blurred imageReal-time data processing

    Terrarium - in-memory database

    A scalable, ultra-fast processing engine for real-time data management

  • Blurred imageAI Brain

    Cleora - AI framework

    Heterogenic algorithms for quick identification of significant insights from oceans of data

  • Blurred imageEver-evolving & ready-to-use

    Octopus - ever-evolving stack for apps

    A “never-settle” approach that lets you expand our system to meet your needs

See what Synerise can do for your business

Let's win together as partners

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Your success is our victory.


We work with you to help you reach business goals.


We conduct award-winning projects with leaders, develop our technologies based on their experience and provide extensive support to those who want to stand out from the crowd.  


We are happy to work 
with the bravest

Blurred imageBravest

Curiosity and courage led us to create business tools that get results.

  • Our spirit of innovation drives us to the best results
  • We replace yesterday's tools to create a better tomorrow
  • We push the limits of business performance
  • Synerise technology is only for the bravest companies
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Blurred imageNew Europe 100

New Europe 100 by Respublica, Google, Financial Times

Blurred imageEY

30 Global Innovative and Technology High Growth Start-Ups

Blurred imageMicrosoft

Microsoft Global Retail Award 2018 Runner Up

Blurred imageCEE x-Tech Awards

CEE x-Tech Awards - AI Innovation of the Year