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Platform driven by AI

Massive-scale low code platform driven by science with real-time data analytics, processes orchestration and pragmatic scenarios execution

Synerise Massive-scale Low Code Data & Experience Platform Driven by AI

Trusted by the world’s most disruptive companies 

Born in the cloud 🌤 and raised by data

With our experience and scientific approach to technology, we democratize AI and harness its capabilities to accelerate digital transformation

A science-first approach to growth 🧑‍🏫

We are among the most advanced AI/BigData companies in the world. 
Winners of global, exclusive, prestigious competitions.

  • Blurred imageSynerise | RecSys Twitter Challenge 2021

    RecSys Twitter Challenge 2021

    Winner @ ACM RecSys Twitter Challenge 2nd place (Nvidia, Synerise, Layer6)

  • Blurred imageSynerise | Data Challenge Data Challenge 2021

    Winner @ ACM WSDM Data Challenge 2nd place (Nvidia, Synerise, Dasou)

  • Blurred imageSynerise | KDD Cup 2021

    KDD Cup 2021

    Winner @ ACM KDD Cup Stanford University OGB-LSC 3rd place (Baidu, DeepMind, Synerise)

  • Blurred imageSynerise | Rakuten Data Challenge 2020

    Rakuten Data Challenge 2020

    Winner @ SIGIR eCom Rakuten Data Challenge 1st place

  • Blurred imageSynerise | EY 30 High Growth Start-Ups

    EY 30 High Growth Start-Ups

    EY list of 30 Global Innovative and Technology High Growth Start-Ups

  • Blurred imageSynerise | Microsoft Awards 2017-2019

    Microsoft Awards 2017-2019

    Winner @ Microsoft Country Partner & Global Retail Awards

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Your success is our victory.


We work with you to help you reach business goals.


We conduct award-winning projects with leaders, develop our technologies based on their experience and provide extensive support to those who want to stand out from the crowd.  


About us

We strive to make Synerise a humble, modest but courageous organisation.

We bet on meritocracy & idealistic approach to deep tech. We believe that everything can be predicted, calculated and improved with atomic & scientific precision. We are offering  usage-based access to platform, where organizations can store all heterogenous data they have without limits, proceed it in real time and use our ready-to-go products enhanced by AI with easy automations to solve daily challenges and speed up growth.

CEO Synerise
 - CEO

We are happy to work 
with the bravest 🤗

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Curiosity and courage led us to create business tools that get results.

  • Our spirit of innovation drives us to the best results
  • We replace yesterday's tools to create a better tomorrow
  • We push the limits of business performance
  • Synerise technology is only for the bravest companies
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