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Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

Watch videoSatya Nadella CEO Microsoft about Synerise Platform - video
They are building the next-generation marketing cloud . . . They are able to track every event, across every channel, for the customer - whether it's mobile, it's web, it's retail, physical presence. All of that is signal that's being continuously collected, processed, and then in turn AI is being applied, workflows are being applied to drive the experience.

March, 2017

#1 AI Marketing Ecosystem for B2C & B2B

Synerise provides leading-edge customer intelligence and personalization capabilities.
Engage customers in your brand story. Designed for ecommerce, retail, telecom, finance, insurance, B2B and B2C services.

marketing automation software

Take Control of Your Customer Data

Synerise Universal Tracker collects and analyzes every customer interaction in real time.
Integrate almost limitless data sources.

Geolocation POS Emails Wifi & beacons Social media Mobile apps ERP Loyalty programs Websites CRM Synerise Universal Tracker Unified data from online and offline touch points.

Use Cases

With Synerise, you can track all customer interactions, which enables 360° customer views.
This allows you to segment and create campaigns for audiences with hyper-relevant content.

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