We reinvented behavioral data processing & put it into work using AI & automation

🥳 Europe’s Top 5 Fastest Growing AI Sector Company
according to Financial Times & statista.com 2022, 2023

API first, headless, customizable & scalable, real-time interaction management, low code platform driven by science with data orchestration and pragmatic business scenarios execution.

Synerise Massive-scale Low Code Data & Experience Platform Driven by AI

Trusted by the world’s most disruptive companies 

Born in the cloud 🌤 and raised by data

With our experience and scientific approach to technology, we democratize AI and harness its capabilities to accelerate digital transformation

A science-first approach to growth 🧑‍🏫

We are among the most advanced AI/BigData companies in the world. 
Winners of global, exclusive, prestigious competitions.

  • Blurred imageSynerise | RecSys Twitter Challenge 2021

    RecSys Twitter Challenge 2021

    Winner @ ACM RecSys Twitter Challenge 2nd place (Nvidia, Synerise, Layer6)

  • Blurred imageSynerise | Booking.com Data Challenge

    Booking.com Data Challenge 2021

    Winner @ ACM WSDM Booking.com Data Challenge 2nd place (Nvidia, Synerise, Dasou)

  • Blurred imageSynerise | KDD Cup 2021

    KDD Cup 2021

    Winner @ ACM KDD Cup Stanford University OGB-LSC 3rd place (Baidu, DeepMind, Synerise)

  • Blurred imageSynerise | Rakuten Data Challenge 2020

    Rakuten Data Challenge 2020

    Winner @ SIGIR eCom Rakuten Data Challenge 1st place

  • Blurred imageSynerise | EY 30 High Growth Start-Ups

    EY 30 High Growth Start-Ups

    EY list of 30 Global Innovative and Technology High Growth Start-Ups

  • Blurred imageSynerise | Microsoft Awards 2017-2019

    Microsoft Awards 2017-2019

    Winner @ Microsoft Country Partner & Global Retail Awards

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About us

We strive to make Synerise a humble, modest but courageous organisation.

We bet on meritocracy & idealistic approach to deep tech. We believe that everything can be predicted, calculated and improved with atomic & scientific precision. We are offering  usage-based access to platform, where organizations can store all heterogenous data they have without limits, proceed it in real time and use our ready-to-go products enhanced by AI with easy automations to solve daily challenges and speed up growth.

CEO Synerise
 - CEO

We are happy to work 
with the bravest 🤗

Blurred imageBravest

Curiosity and courage led us to create business tools that get results.

  • Our spirit of innovation drives us to the best results
  • We replace yesterday's tools to create a better tomorrow
  • We push the limits of business performance
  • Synerise technology is only for the bravest companies
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Let's win together as partners🤝

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Your success is our victory.


We work with you to help you reach business goals.


We conduct award-winning projects with leaders, develop our technologies based on their experience and provide extensive support to those who want to stand out from the crowd.