Dividing data, multiplying profits

The AZAGroup is creating their own Big Data lab using Synerise

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About AZAGroup

AZAGroup is a Polish capital group focused on the fashion industry and consists of three brands. Born2be offers fashionable clothing and footwear for women, men and children. The Renee brand offers clothes and shoes inspired by the latest global trends. Multu is a shoe outlet that offers many designs and models of shoes at great prices.

Skillful data analysis and coming to accurate conclusions is a tactic that ensures the fastest growth in e-commerce. AZAGroup chose the Synerise platform to collect all data in one place and then introduce a number of innovations, including personalization and automation of communication with clients. 

The Synerise solution serves as a laboratory in which AZAGroup processes millions of data points from clients to improve their experience and engagement, impacting the financial results of the entire group. Brand creators share a vision based on the synergy of e-commerce and technological innovation. The AZAGroup invests in the development of digital communication channels and tools to improve the customer shopping experience.

Customer challenges

The e-commerce industry is saturated, and the competition in the product categories offered by AZAGroup is very high. Brands from the group's portfolio compete not only with clothing and footwear manufacturers and their e-stores, but also with large general online platforms such as Allegro and Zalando.

The management of AZAGroup decided to build a competitive advantage based on a laboratory approach to data that flows through their stores every day. Based on the idea that data is oil of the 21st century, it was decided to look for a solution that would:

  1. Replace many different, unintegrated tools that do not achieve the desired business goals
  2. Analyze even the most detailed customer behaviors and their impact on business results

Additional business goals included:

  • introducing personalization - not only AI, but also based on the indicated categories
  • automating and optimizing processes
  • implementation of advanced user segmentation
  • keeping users on the page for as long as possible
  • increasing customer engagement
  • increasing the value of the basket
  • increasing the number of newsletter signups
Blurred imageAZAGroup shoes
Blurred imageAZAGroup campaign
AZAGroup campaigns
Given the scale of traffic we support, working with data in an analytical manner was a big challenge.

We needed a solution that would allow us to study all micro indicators and dependencies to manage sales and communication with customers. I am convinced that no other solution would be nearly as valuable to us as Synerise.

Szymon Jezierski 
Co-founder of AZAGroup

Selected solutions

AZA Group chose the Synerise platform, which uses data and artificial intelligence to help companies respond better to customer needs. Synerise tools include automation, business intelligence and personalization of real-time communication, regardless of the scale of operations.

The AZA Group online stores now include:

  • AI recommendations on the website, in the mobile application, mailings, after adding items to the cart, etc.
  • A/B tests covering all website traffic, testing the effectiveness of different variants and types of promotions
  • dynamic content (banners, pop-ups, exit intent)
  • automation of mailings, SMS sending, web-pushes
  • mobile application support
  • management of the abandoned cart mechanism
  • advanced segmentation mechanisms, e.g. for colors or shoe size, etc.
  • dynamic product listings

Selected results

  • 18,71%Products bought from an AI recommendation account for 18.71% of the value of all transactions
  • 11%higher average basket value thanks to AI recommendations
  • 22%Increased conversion from AI recommendations by 22% compared to the control group


When choosing a solution, all companies offering comprehensive management of the customer purchase experience, both Polish and foreign, were considered. The choice of Synerise was decided by:

  • Synerise's well-established market position
  • the solution’s stability and security
  • platform scalability thanks to infrastructure based on Microsoft Azure
  • flexibility at the bidding stage and openness to the scenarios proposed by the client
  • references obtained from other Synerise clients


Implementation process

The implementation was completed in six months. On the AZAGroup side, dedicated staff were employed to manage the entire project so that the client could fully operate the platform independently. They stayed in close contact with the Synerise team regarding innovative campaigns and the development of selected technologies.

Cooperation with AZAGroup has been a partnership from the very beginning, there were specific expectations, but also great openness in developing the strategy and implementation schedule.

Together, the integration process followed by comprehensive workshops prepared for the client allowed them to switch to a self-service model after a few months. The commitment of Szymon and the entire AZAGroup team in the evolution of various functions of the Synerise platform has been amazing.

Rafał Machorowski
Customer Success & Implementation Manager, Synerise

Selected Campaigns

I. Similar products in the same size

Users interested in a product not available in the size they need receive a display with visually similar products that are available. As a result, they do not have to wait for the product of their choice, but immediately find an alternative for it. Recommended products are selected by AI algorithms. Neural networks learn to recognize types of clothes or shoes on the basis of common characteristics, as well as patterns, e.g. floral ones. The product feed contains information about the availability of the product, so the customer can always be sure that the recommended items are in stock.

Product page on a website, a woman in a flowery dress, on the right a panel for adding an email to receive notifications

II. Complementary products

Users who add a product to the cart will be shown complementary product recommendations. Campaigns can be freely modified in the settings. Among other things, it is possible to exclude the category from which the current product is added or narrow products to a specific gender.

Product page on a website, women's legs in white shoes, on the right a panel informing about adding items to the basket

III. Custom listing frames

Until the implementation of dynamic listings, the client decided on a solution that was aimed at delivering the fastest possible search results. Previously, the recommendation frames were at the very bottom of the listing and frequently missed by users. To increase their visibility, AZA Group decided to place recommendations between products in the listing. Thanks to this, the user did not have to scroll through the entire page to see what the Synerise algorithm had chosen for him. Several types of recommendations are used and to prevent product repetition, scripts check to see if the product selected by the algorithm has not already been shown in a different type of recommendation.

Product page, women in dresses, some of them marked with a frame indicating certain products as particularly recommended


Synerise is an extensive ecosystem that enables data collection from any point of contact between clients and the brand, detailed insights into purchase paths, drawing conclusions and quick execution of personalized campaigns in many channels. It offers the ability to build custom metrics, dashboards and analytics that meet the current needs of digital marketing and sales teams on the client's side.

Together with Synerise, AZA Group has created a laboratory for the management and analysis of data streams, so that no important insight on customer behavior is left out. The analysis and continuous iteration of various aspects of communication with customers using Synerise allows AZA Group not only to improve the purchasing experience, but also to shape the pricing policy and increase company revenues.