The client’s optimal purchasing path - cooperation between and Synerise

Accurate prediction of trends for the retail industry, quick implementation of innovative solutions and precision in constructing unusual purchasing experiences allowed to gain the trust of their customers on a global scale.

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About Eobuwie

Maintaining a leading position in the e-commerce industry requires the ability to react in real-time to growing customer expectations and make the right decisions based on the generated data. decided to cooperate with Synerise to provide its customers with an even higher quality of services, regardless of the communication channel and the market served. is a leader in the online sales of footwear, handbags and accessories in Central and Eastern Europe. For years, it has been consistently implementing a business strategy based on the development of online channels and their integration with offline channels, creating an innovative style of stationary stores. The company has won numerous awards in the category of the best innovators in the retail industry. enjoys high trust among its customers, who appreciate the pro-consumer approach and care for every detail in the purchasing process.

Customer challenges

The dynamic development on the European market, the introduction of new private labels and the launch of proprietary e-commerce platforms with premium fashion, i.e. MODIVO, have created another challenge related to the processing and handling of the constantly growing volume of data. There was a need for a Customer Data Platform to centralize all sources of information about customer behavior in one place and to optimize purchasing experiences in realtime. The aim of the adopted strategy was to integrate the purchasing platform with tools that would enable them to reach the right group of recipients with a specific offer at the best possible time. has been investing in new technologies for years.

We have focused on innovation in the field of multi-channel sales. That is why we chose a technological partner that allowed us to optimize key sales processes. Thus, in 2018 we started our first project with Synerise. Our fruitful cooperation and dynamic expansion of the purchasing platform on foreign markets continues to this day.

Marcin Grzymkowski President of S.A.

Selected solutions appreciated the flexibility and potential of the Synerise platform, which has become one of the tools supporting the company in their digital transformation process. Thanks to the integration of data on user behavior in one unified place and the possibility of managing it in real-time on over 30 business profiles across the group, provides the customer with a shopping experience tailored to their preferences and needs. The use of artificial intelligence is responsible for better matching of messages in the case of recommended products, dynamic content, email campaigns or sending sms / mobile / web push notifications.

The decision to cooperate was looking for a technological partner who, above all, could meet ambitious goals and understand the importance of innovation and service development.

The decision to choose Synerise was mainly influenced by the flexibility and very wide possibilities of using the platform, which perfectly matched the needs of the omnichannel strategy.

“We have learned that the Synerise team is able to meet our expectations and often surprise us with their open-mindedness and propositions of unconventional solutions, which are especially important to us.”

Bartosz Sosulski-Paczkowski
Head of Marketing Automation, S.A.

Implementation path

The first functionalities and campaigns were implemented in the second quarter of 2018. After the first two weeks, we noticed the impact of product recommendations on the results.

The implementation process was initiated by integrating customer activity data while maintaining security requirements. Then, AI recommendations for visually similar products were implemented along with personalized recommendations. These solutions were introduced first on the Czech market. After obtaining satisfactory results, the implementation of these solutions moved to other foreign markets served by, as well as the Polish market.

Cooperation with Synerise has been going on for over two years, and eobuwie. pl is constantly expanding the areas of activity within the Synerise ecosystem. Integration of all solutions includes optimization of recommendations, making transactions, delivery of purchases, returns and cancellations, product stocks, enrichment of customer marketing and further development of the mobile application and blog space.

“Integrating communication in online and offline channels for several eobuwie. pl and MODIVO markets in their e-commerce and stationary stores is definitely an interesting challenge that is still ongoing. With such a large project with constantly evolving ideas, completing one solution means starting another. It is possible thanks to good cooperation with the team. Their extensive technological and marketing knowledge, combined with the possibilities of the Synerise ecosystem, allows us to create better customer experience scenarios for each brand separately and between domains.”

Aneta Głowacka
AI & Implementation Lead, Synerise

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Eobuwie Case Studies

Examples of selected

Product recommendations on the website

In order to increase purchase conversions, we use the operation of AI algorithms in the form of a recommendation engine. We rely on knowledge from purchasing histories, customer behavioral data and algorithms that search for visual similarities between products. There are several hundred different recommendation models implemented for, meeting the organization’s business expectations and adapting to the appropriate steps in the customer journey. 
Among the many Synerise products available in the area of recommendations, we offer:

  • recommendations of visually similar products that the customer will receive while on the card of a specific product; the customer will see new products that are similar to the one they are currently viewing;
  • personalized recommendations, selected based on the behavioral history of users, displayed on the home page, in exit pop-ups and in product categories.

Recommendation emails

Website recommendations bring many positive results, so they can also be implemented in email campaigns. For example:

  • An email with personalized recommendations sent to users in the event of an abandoned visit to the store. Instead of a general offer, users receive one that is tailored to their preferences, which allows the shopping path to be shortened.
  • Emails sent as a response to an abandoned cart, which contains information about the abandoned products and personalized recommendations selected especially for this customer. In these emails, the customer receives information about the products they added to the cart, but for some reason did not complete the transaction, and the products selected for them based on their search history.
  • Newsletters to the entire subscriber base that contain personalized recommendations for each user. Depending on the type of campaign, these include personalized recommendations focused on the brand to which the promotion relates to, personalized recommendations for products on sale and personalized recommendations for products from a specific category.

Cross-selling between and MODIVO

Using the potential of the sales platform, we started promoting it with MODIVO premium fashion. For this purpose, we implemented:

  • banner campaigns on the website, inviting users to the MODIVO website
  • bestsellers of a specific brand on MODIVO, implemented on the product card
  • an email campaign with an invitation to shop on MODIVO after making a transaction on, segmented by gender
  • recommendations with personalized MODIVO products sent in email campaigns

Data-driven segmentation focuses on providing its customers with personalized shopping experiences. Using the available data and AI algorithms, we work together to create and automate customer segments that will receive messages best suited to their level of engagement and individual needs.

Thanks to this, clients can easily recognize the appropriate consumer groups, e.g. women interested only in premium products, people looking for promotions, etc.

In addition, each of these analyses can be crossed and enhanced, which creates the possibility of unprecedented precision of segmentation of users and communication with them using the appropriate scenarios.

AI Time Optimizer

The Synerise platform enables immediate execution of actions based on collected data. Thanks to the use of the AI Time Optimizer module, can reach its customers during the time that allows the highest probability of conversion.

The analysis performed on the basis of behavioral data allows users to determine the ideal time to send a message using any channel.

Synerise’s cooperation with is based on a strong communication process with the client. The team focuses on searching for new innovative solutions based on the constant updating of the functionalities of the Synerise ecosystem. Effective use of the platform’s resources is carried out by creating an individual roadmap, which enables effective planning and implementation of further interesting projects.


Optimizing purchasing experiences means not only building communication scenarios tailored to the current needs of customers, but also ensuring the highest standards of transparency and security in the field of data acquisition and processing. has implemented Synerise ecosystem solutions launched as part of the Microsoft Azure platform. As a result, data management is subject to best- in-class data security controls, both at the infrastructure and application levels.

Access control mechanisms (ACL) and the ability to create roles with editing rights and access to individual elements of the system and data guarantee full protection against unauthorized access.

Working with data in the Synerise ecosystem is also based on adherence to strict procedures and protocols in accordance with all applicable regulations and good practices related to the protection of personal data (GDPR).

In addition, has constant access to the status of the Synerise platform in real-time, which allows users to monitor up-to-date information about the status of each element and the functionality of the entire ecosystem.


Synerise has been supporting the activities of the retail industry for many years, both in Poland and on foreign markets. The main goal of the company is to provide easy access to solutions based on artificial intelligence that will accelerate their digital transformation and increase operating revenues. used the existing experience of Synerise in managing projects for the e-commerce industry.

The Synerise ecosystem provides unique knowledge about customers based on the analysis of data from each touch point with the company. It creates individual profiles and dynamically segments groups of recipients to deliver highly personalized messages through multiple channels.

Thanks to these solutions, Synerise customers have a real impact on increasing the retention of their customers, which directly translates into the achievement of sales goals.