Data driven customers experience in mBank

Synerise helps mBank gather and analyze data in real time and based on it, create a hyper-personalized customer experience. Combining the mBank data from different touchpoints, Synerise gives the possibility to create integrated and personalized communication.

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About mBank


mBank has been a synonym for innovative banking solutions for years.  It is the first fully Internet-based bank in Poland which set the direction of mobile and online banking development. It is one of the strongest and fastest growing financial brands in Poland, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1992.

Selected Results


  • 60% increasein the number of leads generated by Synerise
  • 1 weekTime to market
    for the use cases described in case study
  • 50% growth
    in personalized campaigns on the website

Sales Automation - hot-lead generation

CountryPL, CZ, SK
Channelswww, IB, mobile app, contact center
Used modulesAnalytics, Dynamic content, Automation
Time to market1 week

With Dynamic Content functionality we have implemented a set of custom events that sent important data to our Business Profile.


  • product calculators
  • page scroll
  • CTA buttons
  • redirect links

The data that we got from those actions was overwhelming at first. But with time and a few product workshops and training provided by our partners, we became more and more confident.

But the data itself was not enough, we wanted to do more with all this new intel. After successful integration with we integrated Synerise with our internal system via webhooks. We began to send all of the generated data touch points directly to the tool in order to send more personalized communication and offers to our clients.

The example scenario:

In the evening, Adam is searching for a cash loan offer on the net. He hits the page and does some quick calculations on the product calculator, then he leaves. On the next day, Adam receives a mobile push with exactly the same values as the money amount that he was searching for. In addition to mobile push, the data is sent to the call center and based on it the consultant contacts the lead with a special offer.


The following results present the number of generated offers in specific quarters. This number is the result of cooperation with Synerise which enabled automation and personalization of the entire process, allowing mBank to generate offers well-tailored to their customers. The offers were generated with the help of Synerise and could only be implemented through the this platform. Prior to Synerise, access to the necessary information on the information page was unavailable, rendering implementation impossible.

A constant large number of offers thorough the year 2022.

Q1 2022 – ~30 000 offers
Q2 2022 – ~34 000 offers
Q3 2022 – ~30 000 offers
Q4 2022 – ~25 000 offers

Those offers were based on leads coming from Synerise and were sent in real time. The increase of these values indicates the discovery of new customer touchpoints with our offer. The more leads, the more offers and the higher the sales is.


NPS Surveys

Used modulesDynamic content, Documents
Time to market1 week

At mBank, we believe in the voice of our customers. One of the most important indicators that we monitor is NPS. Before Synerise, the NPS score was measured only in the mobile application for both Internet Banking users and application users. We sent the survey two days after the user’s last login on the channel.

The problem was that the clients sometimes did not remember the exact experience they had on a page after two days, or they did not understand which channel we were asking about.

With Synerise, we came up with a new real-time way of sending the NPS surveys directly to clients who log out from the IB.



The results that we got from the test group were very promising. The response rate went from 0,7% to 2,43%. The clients that got the Synerise NPS version were also more likely to give us comments about their last visit to the IB channel.


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