Marketing Investment Group personalizes customer experience

Marketing Investment Group is unleashing the potential of the Synerise platform to personalize experiences for millions of customers in over 10 countries in Central and Eastern Europe

About MIG

Marketing Investment Group (MIG) has been rapidly expanding its presence in the footwear and apparel markets in Central and Eastern Europe for more than 30 years now. It operates a chain of more than 450 stores, implementing fashion concepts in Sizeer, JD, 50 style, Timberland, Umbro, New Era.

It is also a distributor of many popular footwear brands and a producer of its own brands, including Confront and Up8. As of March 2021. MIG is partially owned by JD Group. Synergizing efforts across online and offline channels is key to understanding customers, building loyalty, engaging communications, and improving metrics. Omnichannel brings some challenges for those running single-brand sales. When there are many brands and millions of customers, and the network operates in more than a dozen countries, customized solutions are needed. MIG chose an end-to-end platform from Synerise, which not only collects data on all customer interactions in one place, but also provides a range of possibilities for its use across different communication channels.

With the help of Synerise, even the most demanding omnichannel scenarios can be implemented quickly and with relative ease. Creating dedicated solutions internally would be far more costly and time-consuming. The platform is extensive and provides a range of tools from CRM, through marketing automation, to advanced analytics, providing valuable knowledge about customer behavior.

The implementation of Synerise has brought significant process improvements and a noticeable difference in the speed and quality of communication with customers.

Łukasz Szała, Key Projects Manager MIG


Sales in traditional stores are now alternating with online sales, increasingly supported by mobile applications. The customers themselves choose the sales channel they prefer, and a modern company is expected to provide them with the most suitable product at the best place and time, regardless of the channel.

MIG is a category innovator and challenger, so it relies on innovation in the fields of combining sales and marketing activities in online and offline channels, among others.

The company was looking for a solution that would help centralize customer data across brands in multiple markets, respond quickly to changing needs, and better reach customers with the right message. MIG wanted to create a unified loyalty program for its brands, completely revamp its existing approach to creating promotional offers, and increase the power of personalization.


Marketing Investment Group has chosen the Synerise ecosystem as the basis for its next- generation loyalty program. At its heart is the collection of data from all points of contact between the end customer and MIG brands. With access to real-time data, each customer receives personalized content in the communication channel most relevant to them. Loyalty mechanisms work to increase customer engagement, while advanced analytical capabilities allow quick conclusions, behavior prediction, and instant optimization of marketing and sales activities.

Synerise technology is responsible for:

  • logic and operation of the loyalty program, in the mobile app, on the website, and in the POS, promotions targeted to specific segments
  • handling transactional data (historical, real-time, and specific types of orders and returns) from e-commerce and POS
  • sending a dynamic and personalized web and mobile push, SMS or e-mail messages
  • personalized dynamic content based on customer activity (along with A/B/X testing)
  • marketing automation (various scenarios also with external partners)
  • AI recommendations and AI search based on the work of Synerise artificial intelligence algorithms

Implementation process

The implementation is ongoing. MIG appreciated the strong commitment on the part of the Synerise team and the organization of work, including daily status (daily scrum), weekly scheduling, workshops, and the flexibility to adapt to current needs, including in the development of dedicated solutions outside the main functional scope of the platform.

Making the decision to cooperate

MIG, a company with vast experience in its industry, needed a solution tailored to its needs. Business goals and functional requirements were defined, followed by a detailed analysis of the market and available solutions.

  • The choice of Synerise was determined by:
  • broad functional scope and product development plans,
  • commercial offer to cover all brands with one tool
  • flexibility and scalability of the solution
  • references obtained from the market
We are always open to solving both the small and larger challenges of customers. We think, search and propose scenarios based on the Synerise platform. Its open environment allows us to create customized solutions.

In most cases, the right configuration of the platform allows us to achieve the goal faster than if we engage resources on the client side, such as the IT department.

Karolina Jasińska, Project Manager
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MIG Case Study

Selected Campaigns


Cross-platform campaign 360

The Synerise ecosystem handled one of the most extensive MIG cross-campaigns with an FMCG partner, prepared to support the launch of Sizeer’s LOY brand loyalty program. The goal was to increase visits to stationary stores and increase Sizeer brand awareness in the market.

One of the most recognizable brands in the target group was engaged for cooperation. A contest was organized in which the prize was limited edition clothing. To participate, one had to read the promotional code from the partner’s product and send it via Facebook Messenger. Prize drawings were held every day. The Messenger bot generated a code that could be used in the Sizeer app and thus grant the customer a discount of PLN 20 on purchases. Prize collection took place only in stationary stores. As part of the cross-promotion, a free partner product was added to each purchase in the store.

To support the entire campaign, Synerise’s extensive capabilities related to the CRM module, automation, mobile SDK (codes from Messenger were implemented in the Sizeer app), loyalty program, and analytics were used. This project is an example of online and offline integration in a single campaign. Real-time data management was used so that the customer received a mobile push immediately after entering the code with information on the correct/ incorrect use of the promotion. Similarly, points earned for this task were awarded in real time and added to the point balance. The entire campaign was supported by personalization elements. Customers participating in the promotion were identified by means of segmentation, and it was to them that the dedicated promotion was displayed in the app.


LOY e-commerce campaign using different segments

Supporting loyalty programs using multiple communication channels is one of the key functional areas of the Synerise platform. The solution enables real-time aggregation and synchronization of online and offline user data, followed by 1:1 personalization of communications using AI algorithms.

LOY’s cross-channel campaign for MIG used customer behavioral data analyzed in real-time, as well as data from the mobile app and loyalty program, to display dynamic content on the website. Depending on their affiliation with one of the three segments, users saw different banners on the site.

Users not registered in the SizeerClub loyalty program were encouraged by banners to create an account in the app. Users who were registered, but did not have a coupon activated in the app, were shown information about the possibility of activating it. The third segment consisted of users who already had a SizeerClub account and an activated coupon in the app. They saw banners along with the name of the discount, informing them that their coupon had been activated and they could use it.


Dynamic SMS

MIG wanted to engage selected customers of 50 Style, who opened the email on their phone but did not add anything to their shopping cart, so that they would return to the website again. The company used 2 kinds of SMS as the medium, a generic one, and a dynamic one, depending on whether the user had visited the product page since opening the email.

Users who visited the product card received a dynamic SMS, which included the most expensive product among those viewed. Users who did not visit the product card received a generic SMS.


Integration with Trustmate

Customer reviews about company’s products and the company itself are crucial to the long-term relationship between the two parties. Therefore, collecting these reviews, analyzing them correctly, and using them in planning customer communications is particularly important. In order to do so, the client will have to integrate with a third-party tool to collect product reviews and subject them to further analysis to improve the customer experience.

Synerise made such an integration very simple, with all its elements gathered in one place.
As a result, using webhooks, Synerise obtained links to Trustmate surveys, which the client will further use in campaigns through various communication channels, such as email, SMS, mobile, and web pushes. It should be noted that a review and rating request can be received by any customer who has purchased a product from either an online or stationary store using a loyalty program. Moreover, MIG has engaged its store staff to share their experience and opinions on selected products from their collections. These Expert opinions are presented next to Customer reviews on a product page, giving Customers a better insight into iconic footwear and apparel styles. In addition, Trustmate sends Synerise a custom event via API with information from a completed survey, which is used as a trigger in an automation created by a client to reward customers by adding loyalty points or a promotional coupon for loyalty program members who have completed the survey. This approach helps to get more product reviews and thus better understand the customer experience and get them more involved in using the loyalty program. Such integration of Synerise with Trustmate has allowed MIG to prepare multiple communication scenarios using the reviews and ratings mechanism, adapting them to current business needs.


Web Push Campaign - Back in stock

Web Push notifications are a very effective tool for informing customers about product availability, thereby increasing profits. MIG wanted to develop a solution for a scenario in
which customers of the 50 Styles chain receive a web push message when a product they last visited, which was out of stock, is available again. Using Synerise’s automation module, external integrations, and custom event implementation, a solution was prepared for the target scenario. The implemented automation consisted of sending an event to the customer’s card with the ID of the products that were previously viewed by the customer and returned to stock, and then sending a web push message informing them that the product was back in stock.


A/B Search Tests

MIG wanted to test the performance of two different AI Search mechanisms available for use in Synerise. The following variants were used in the test:

  • Variant 1 - the first variant presented basic product groups on the page, such as categories and brands with individual products. An autocomplete mechanism was also implemented, prompting the next part of the word entered by the user
  • Variant 2 - the second search variant consisted of generating prompts for the typed phrase and attempting to complete the author’s sentence based on the search history for the basic search.

Listings were embedded in both search engines, which, in addition to the classic view, were enriched with suggestions for the typed phrase. The client alone determined the settings of the individual parameters of the AI Search mechanism (number of page views, purchased items, and personalization) to optimize the search results. The division of variants was carried out in the Dynamic Content campaign using a simple slider, which enabled quick and easy A/B testing configuration.

After analyzing the results of individual searches, it was decided to switch completely to the variant that generated better business results.


Dynamic e-mails

This type of campaign has been implemented as a tool to optimize the customer’s shopping experience. In this case, the dialogue with users of the shopping platform is more than just matching the right content to a selected segment of people. Changing perceptions involves treating customers as individuals with unique personalities representing specific reactions in the shopping process.

The content of the mailings was personalized individually for each user, based on data about their behavior at the time of contact with the brand, including a history of activity on the site, purchase intentions, or product preferences. The effectiveness of AI algorithms and real-time data processing was used for this purpose. The mechanism of dynamic emails was used for three cases:

  • sending an email after an abandoned shopping cart - this type of dynamic mailing was applied to all users who did not finalize the purchase transaction. The individual email that a given customer receives pulls products from a previously abandoned shopping cart together with a set of products from the so-called “hot stuff” section and a dynamic banner pulled from a previously prepared catalog
  • sending an email to the site visit - the dynamic content of the email is generated based on the type of products browsed. Only products from that section will be displayed in the email, depending on the type of products browsed. If the users browse multiple categories, they will also see multiple sections. When a user views only one product from a category, two products from recommendations limited to that group only will be selected for them, and so on. At the very end, products from the so-called ”hot stuff” sections defined in the product feed will be displayed, as well as a dynamic banner just like in an email after an abandoned shopping cart
  • sending an email after a discounted product - this email informs the customer about discounted products they previously viewed. It compares the product price from their last visit to the current list price. The content consists of two sections. The first section includes the discounted products from the shopping cart, and the second includes the discounted products that have been viewed. A dynamic banner pulled from the catalog is generated before the product sections

In addition to the benefits of dynamic mailing content, the positive customer experience was also enhanced by implementing personalized recommendations on both the homepage, category page, product page, and search engine. This also ensures that the content each site visitor sees is fully tailored to their current needs.

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MIG Case Study


Thanks to the Synerise collaboration and platform, MIG has received a full spectrum of knowledge about customer behavior, more service options, and rapid outreach with personalized communications.

The data analyzed by Synerise covers customers from more than a dozen countries, and
the platform handles millions of inquiries every day. It can segment, analyze and execute marketing automation scenarios in real time. Integration with the point-of-sale (POS) also opens up opportunities for new omnichannel scenarios.

From Synerise’s perspective, the collaboration with MIG brings tremendous knowledge and further ideas for the development of the ecosystem. We are pleased that the new store concepts created and operated by MIG also benefit from Synerise’s solutions.

Cleora’s proprietary AI engine, one of the world’s fastest Terrarium databases, and scalable infrastructure ensure availability and scalability regardless of business scale.