Minimalism grows e-commerce by creating engaging and compelling experiences

Synerise helps Minimalism build a better customer experience and accelerate e-commerce growth

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About Minimalism

Minimalism is a Spanish brand producing sustainable clothing and accessories. Thanks to simple, yet powerful brand idea, innovative approach and easily accessible range of products, they change the way we dress and consume goods.

Minimalism believes in a world without omnipresent branding and invasive logos. The brand stands for individualism – each of us constructs their identity day by day, one decision at a time. Therefore Minimalism’s clothes feature no logo. It’s us, the consumers, that give meaning to what we wear and not the other way round. With their radical transparency, the brand is changing the textile industry standards providing customers with information about their products’ environmental impact and helping them to make conscious decisions.

The technology provided by Synerise is crucial for any e-commerce business. It has helped us to stay abreast of all the activities in our online store by enabling us to collect, analyze and use relevant data, which has allowed us to make more informed decisions to create a highly personalized experience for our users.

Working with Synerise has been very smooth. It has resulted in the implementation of several unique scenarios that have yielded outstanding results and contributed to our core business goals. We are focused on further cooperation and adoption of the most innovative solutions offered by Synerise.

Pepe Martin CEO Minimalism


Minimalism wanted to provide their customers with personalized, data-driven solutions and thus optimize the whole customer journey. With that purpose in mind, Minimalism firstly needed to gather and manage data generated at every step of customers’ interaction with the brand. That way they’d later use it to develop tailored recommendations and assure seamless and customized experiences.

The company not only wanted to grow their existing customer base, but also reach a broader audience potentially interested in their products.

Performance analytics was another key aspect for Minimalism. They wanted to measure specific marketing efforts across all channels, so they’d make more informed business decisions.

With these goals in mind, there was a clear need to find a single, unified platform that would enable Minimalism not only to collect and analyze data in real-time, but also allow them to convert these insights into efficient, personalized promotional campaigns with monetary value.


Minimalism chose Synerise, appreciating its malleable character and a wide range of artificial intelligence-powered solutions available on the platform. These key features support Minimalism not only in achieving its business goals, but also in testing and implementing new ideas that can potentially drive further optimization.

Synerise’s unique solutions provide better understanding of customer purchase paths while enabling the creation of customized experiences for both identified and anonymous users. The real-time approach has made it possible to tailor recommendations to customers’ current preferences and deliver targeted communications based on their historical behavior.

Implementation process

The process of implementing AI recommendations was successfully completed, with subsequent campaigns carried through by the end of March 2022. Within a few weeks of kick- starting the efforts, the first results became evident. Efficiency of the implemented solutions was measured and yielded the expected outcomes.

We really enjoy working with Minimalism! Their tangible enthusiasm from day one of our partnership is exceptional.

This mutual readiness made us deliver innovative use cases, that hadn’t been achievable prior our integration. Moreover, we were able to help Minimalism optimize their spending across paid media channels. I’m very pleased that we can call our collaboration a very successful one. Minimalism eagerness for testing new solutions combined with our we-can-do-it approach constitutes perfect environment to create a digital experience that others will emulate.

Aneta Głowacka CSI Team Lead
Blurred imageMinimalism
Blurred imageMinimalism
Minimalism Case Study

Selected Campaigns


AI recommendations on the website

Using Synerise platform, several types of AI recommendations have been implemented on the Minimalism website. Below you can find detailed information on each of executed recommendations.


Home page recommendations

The homepage is an important and strategic space, so it is crucial to fill it with products that engage customers and increase their interest in purchasing.

To give customers a more personal experience, product recommendations were added to the Minimalism home page. Each customer receives a different set of recommendations as the products displayed are based on the customer’s unique history of activities on the site.


Pre-search recommendations

To maximize customer engagement, pre-search recommendations were implemented -  products that might interest the customer are displayed even before they begin typing their queries. Additionally, making the most of the advanced Synerise features, specific products with the largest inventory are displayed first in the list of recommended products in conjunction with products based on customer preferences.


Bundle recommendations for a single product

Minimalism offers a possibility to buy products in bundles. This approach reduces not only packaging waste, but also carbon emissions caused by delivery making this kind of purchase a more sustainable one. Therefore, Minimalism wants to convince customers to buy products in sets.

We used this opportunity to encourage customers visiting single product pages to consider bundles. With this in mind, we display sets including the viewed product with an additional information on price benefits to customers browsing single items. For this purpose, a catalogue containing information about what bundle the product belongs to was used, based on which the corresponding bundles were displayed on the product page.


Similar recommendations

Similar product recommendations are a popular mode through which users find products that match their intent. On the product page, products similar to those viewed by customers were implemented, showing them a range of additional items, they might be interested in.


Recommendations on blog

Minimalism blog and podcast are powerful tools that have become its main traffic source. These two channels allow the company to grow and share its philosophy with wider audience. Sustainable fashion, ethical production, worthwhile initiatives, projects, and upcoming events the company is engaged in – these are all topics shared both in the podcast and on the blog. It creates a perfect opportunity for Minimalism to reach their target customers with personalized product recommendations while they’re discovering the valuable and relevant content.


Activities that increase customer base, loyalty, and retention

Minimalism is now collecting new subscribers both with a newsletter form in the footer and the newly implemented pop-up on the site. The brand actively acquires new subscribers encouraging page visitors with a monthly raffle as an incentive.

Newsletters are enriched with AI recommendations, which simplify Minimalism customer journey by displaying personalized offers.

On the other hand, the abandoned cart automation allows for re-engaging customers throughout the various churn stages.

Blurred imageMinimalism
Blurred imageMinimalism
Minimalism Case Study

Analysis of performance across different communication channels

Synerise provides Minimalism with a holistic view of the store performance and a variety of communication channels that the client had not used prior to the collaboration.

The dashboards created provide detailed session and transaction analysis that includes such sample metrics as:

  • Countries and cities from which user sessions are most often started
  • Active users, due to the frequency of page views
  • Mobile vs desktop traffic
  • Most visited pages
  • Number and values of transactions
  • AOV (Average Order Value)
  • Average order size
  • Most frequently bought products and categories
  • Bundles and single products performance analysis

All the data in the dashboards are updated in real-time, so the brand always has up-to- date information on all the relevant metrics and can use that knowledge to make better- informed business decisions.

We have created separate dashboards for the major traffic sources: Google, Facebook, and Instagram. That way we can observe which traffic source brings more conversions and engagement.

Such dashboards include, for example:

  • Number and trend of visits from each source
  • Number and Value of transactions from each source
  • Most frequently purchased products from each source
  • Paid and organic traffic


With Synerise’s help, Minimalism implemented complex business scenarios that significantly improved the customer experience throughout the shopping process, from the initial website visit to finding an item that matched the customer’s expectations to make the final purchase and further customer activation. The result was an impressive increase in interest in the brand’s products through new customer acquisition and repeat purchases by existing customers.