Orange - digital channels optimization

Synerise supports Orange in building a better customer experience and growth in e-commerce

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About Orange

Orange Polska is one of the big four Polish telecoms. In total, the operator supports over 20 million accounts, including over 15 million active SIM cards. OPL is the first network in Poland to test 5G technology and the Internet of Things on a large scale. They focus on offering unified services from both the mobile world and fixed-line functionalities.

Synerise cooperates with Orange Polska, the market leader in mobile telecommunications, internet and data transmission, by supporting their digital transformation and providing customers with the best experience of using modern technologies. Synerise solutions help Orange acquire and retain satisfied customers, driving an increase in the share of digital channels in overall sales.

Customer challenges

  • Building personalized business models that affect positive customer relationships,
  • Encouraging purchases using e-commerce mechanism with personalized offers, automating sales and marketing processes,
  • Increasing sales in digital channels,
  • Educating customers about tech solutions: optical fiber, converged services (combined packages: internet, television, telephone).

Selected results

  • +100%inapp/simple push conversion
  • 11%increase of vas sales
  • +75%Conversion on dynamic content
We strive to make Orange the most successful telecommunications brand. 

We want to show how we help to change the everyday lives of our customers. Synerise solutions successfully persuade our clients to use services from Orange and allow us to manage their experience while perfectly corresponding with our strategy

Adam Skręt Digital & Performance Marketing Director, Orange Poland  

Selected solutions

Orange uses the Synerise ecosystem, which is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The implemented product recommendations, including the AI recommendation engine for the My Orange mobile application, AI-supported search engine and dynamic content campaigns, all meet expectations.

In addition, several e-mail and push campaigns were launched, as well as the omnichannel campaign aimed at abandoned offline shopping carts.


  • 22% Share of mail campaigns in sales (dedicated campaign)
  • 11m Events in the Synerise system monthly
  • 100% Increase in conversions thanks to InApp/simple push
  • From 3% to 14% increase in sales of additional services
  • 36% Reach of campaigns among all Orange customers
  • Excellent omnichannel results: OR 72%, CTR 41%, conversions 17%
  • 75% More conversions than the control group using dynamic content (banners)


Changing Orange’s business model in the direction of digital transformation required significant internal reorganization as well as a partnership with tech specialists in the field of personalization and marketing automation.

The choice of Synerise was motivated by:

  • broad portfolio of services,
  • readiness to adapt solutions to the digital architecture in the transformation in Orange Polska
  • effective partnership cooperation as part of proof-of-concept,
  • quick and easy integration,
  • readiness to execute unconventional campaigns related to a complex product - the sale of optical fiber (a product limited geographically with a constantly growing range, requiring loyalty and also available packaged with television).
We searched the market extensively and even tried building our own tools for collecting events and monitoring customer actions on the Orange website.

We looked for a partner that would be able to personalize content throughout our digital ecosystem, which included our website, application and mail campaigns. We started a proof of concept project with Synerise and got excellent results, which has now turned into a long-term partnership.”

Piotr Zimak, Head of Personalization, Online Comms & AI, Orange Polska

Implementation process

Full integration with the Orange mobile application and other systems used in the company took approximately three months. Close cooperation in the integration of tools and their mutual adaptation (customization) accelerated the launch of the first campaigns.

Working in weekly sprints and during additional teleconferences resulted in gaining detailed knowledge of Orange’s architecture and needs as well as identification of new business opportunities.

In addition to success in implementing commercial campaigns for Orange, Synerise also became the company’s strategic partner in the field of new digital technologies. Meetings involving the exchange of expertise and workshops to inspire the creation of new solutions are organized between team members.

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Orange promotional materials
Our work with Orange changes dynamically and ideas for continued innovation are constantly discussed and implemented.

This has helped to enhance our technology and even create new products. Orange has taken a proactive approach to our partnership and they are not afraid to experiment in order to find the best ways to boost personalization and the overall customer experience.

Kamil Gaczoł, Integration Architect, Synerise

Selected campaigns

Impressive growth in digital channels

Cooperation with Synerise allowed Orange to implement a number of new business scenarios that significantly increased sales in digital channels.
The increase in sales in digital channels reached 2.1% on an annual basis.
The solutions implemented by Synerise enabled better automation and personalization of content for Orange customers.

AI for retaining and locating clients
Orange has implemented a package of solutions based on Synerise artificial intelligence algorithms, including a web search engine (AI search) and AI product recommendations. The campaigns were aimed at increasing customer retention and up-selling services based on previously collected data on activity and packages held. This area also experienced an increase in conversions of several percentage points compared to campaigns that did not use AI.
As part of the cooperation to date, coupon campaigns for dedicated segments have also been implemented, based on AI, shopping scoring and abandoned carts.
Among other ways, users were identified by Internet Service Provider (ISP). Thanks to Synerise, conversions increased by 75% compared to the control group with a very high number of impressions.
The positive effects of the implementation are also complemented by the ease of testing, campaign verification and selection of target processes that can be created on the Orange side. This greatly helped in the transformation of the operator’s digital processes.

Flexible development and cost optimization

Another benefit of implementing Synerise solutions in Orange is a much greater degree of flexibility and speed of introducing new functions, and thus a significant reduction
in programming costs on the operator’s side. Thanks to
just one omnichannel scenario, in which abandoned carts from a stationary store were sent to customers by e-mail to complete the sale, Orange did not have to deal with the costs of developing dedicated IT systems.

New functionalities, new sales opportunities
With the help of Synerise, Orange was able to build a new process of selling additional services online, starting with an analysis of the customer path, through user identification,
to campaigns targeted at specific segments. The process is supported by Synerise in an end-to-end model.
As a result, an impressive five-fold increase in online sales was achieved. Also worth highlighting is the 22% share of email campaigns in the total number of online conversions.


Digital channels used to reach customers are currently the most exploited medium in terms of sales opportunities that the implementation of new technologies can bring. The current model based on stationary sales is changing and digital channels are increasing their share of all sales, displacing, for example, call centers.

Understanding customer needs and adapting to them is much easier when you have an analytical tool such as Synerise, which not only collects and processes data but also recommends options and predicts results.

Thanks to the implementation of the Synerise platform, Orange now offers its clients not only a more positive shopping experience, but also flexibly responds to market challenges and achieves the goals contained in its strategy.