YES says “yes” to Synerise

New personalization technology supports sales at the busiest times

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About YES

For nearly four decades, YES has been cultivating its ability to design jewelry that is both timeless and contemporary for the Polish market. This desire to constantly innovate and create prompts YES to offer original collections that reflect the experience, style and spirit of the times. 

According to KPMG rankings for Forbes, YES is one of the brands that understands their clients the most. To meet their expectations, the company focuses on the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence. The implementation of the Synerise platform, which manages the full spectrum of online customer experiences, has allowed for a better understanding of their needs and also increased sales results in a key period of the year.

By remaining an industry leader, the company sets communication trends. Thanks to the skillful use of the latest technologies, YES continues to strive for perfection and provide an exclusive shopping experience both at and in each of nearly 160 YES stores throughout the country.

Customer challenges

YES struggled with fragmented online sales management tools and digital channels to reach customers. Support for many solutions dedicated to particular areas was time consuming and not as effective as needed. It was also not easy to aggregate data from many systems to prepare easily understood reports.

Above all, the brand wanted to increase its involvement in the purchase of exclusive collections and increase the average cart values. There was a need to find a unified solution for analyzing customer shopping paths, managing the loyalty program, and personalizing and shipping promotional campaigns.

Blurred imageYes salon biżuterii od zewnątrz
Blurred imageYes Biżuteria S.A. salon od wewnątrz
YES retail
Christmas is the most important sales period of the year. New technologies are not usually tested then, but we decided to trust Synerise.

The results have been fantastic, especially for our customers, who received extremely tailored offers at key moments. Quick integration, great support and a wide range of functions all allowed us to achieve all our goals, not just sales.

Filip Kensbock
E-marketing Specialist, YES Biżuteria S.A.

Selected solutions

YES selected the Synerise platform, which uses data and Artificial Intelligence to help companies respond better to customer needs. Synerise supplies automation, business intelligence and personalization tools for real-time communication, regardless of the scale of operations.

Synerise collects data on the activity of both anonymous and registered users on the website and uses that information to perform dynamic scoring and AI segmentation while creating displays with personalized product recommendations. Artificial Intelligence is also used in the search engine (AI Search Autocomplete). The Synerise platform also provides tools for saving abandoned carts, sending email and push communication, and is responsible for handling the YES Club loyalty program.

Selected results

  • 60%increase in sales in the key month of December, YOY
  • 35%increase in the average basket with recommended products
  • 13,9%CTR from AI recommendations
  • 16%of recovered baskets thanks to email campaigns
  • 18%of recovered clients convert 24 hours after re-entering the site


On the YES side, about a dozen solutions available on the market were analyzed, and three suppliers were qualified for final negotiations. Among other reasons, Synerise was chosen to manage both brands in the YES portfolio (YES and Verona) because of their experience in working with other large companies. The trust gained during testing resulted in the implementation being carried out in the most crucial sales period for YES, before Black Friday and Christmas.


Implementation process

The implementation took place in Q4 2019. A few weeks after the start of work, the first effects were visible. By the end of November, the system was set up and ready to handle the biggest traffic volumes of the season.

We prepared a comprehensive plan to integrate Synerise with the online store.

The task was a challenge because of the short deadline, but we managed to make it before the most important sales period. This is largely due to the team on the YES side, which demonstrated extensive technical knowledge about digital tools and provided the appropriate technological facilities. It was an extremely interesting and inspiring experience. We have shown that with good cooperation with the client we are able to meet even the most ambitious implementation goals.

Natalia Kulak 
AI/MA Implementation Lead, Synerise

Selected Campaigns

I. Artificial Intelligence chooses earrings

AI algorithms also play the role of jewelry advisors in the YES online store. Among the many Synerise products available here, the following have been implemented:

  • AI product recommendations on the site - flexible product matching based on behavioral and scoring data
  • AI recommendations mail campaigns - personalized messages with complementary, recently displayed or new products (dynamically downloaded to the email content)
  • dynamic AI search engine (AI Search Autocomplete) - verification of unknown queries and selection of appropriate searches.

Importantly, the algorithms can be modified by the YES team depending on current business needs. The ability to prioritize individual products displayed in the recommendation results matches the manufacturer's goal of promoting jewelry from specially designed collections.

II. Increasing customer loyalty and retention

Synerise solutions ensure that the YES brand maintains contact with customers, as well as increases commitment to shopping and returns to the online store. As part of the solutions in this area, the following have been introduced:

  • abandoned cart mechanism with the possibility of modification
  • assigning discount codes for subscribing to the newsletter + birthday
  • support for the YES Club loyalty program - status / promotion information / price changes depending on the status, dynamic scoring
  • customer segmentation in the RFM analysis model, distinguishing 125 unique customer groups, including those at risk of churn or those who have suddenly stopped making purchases
  • additional messages on the website informing customers about discounts and marketing campaigns
  • social proof on the product card

All campaigns created by YES on the Synerise platform were subject to A / B / X tests, providing insights about the best-converting versions of messages.

Blurred imageYES campaigns with Synerise
Blurred imageYES campaigns with Synerise
YES campaigns


Synerise has equipped YES with the tools and strategies needed to better manage the customer experience while significantly improving the daily work of the marketing department by providing a unified interface for their activities. The wide adaptation of possibilities to business scenarios and the flexibility of the Synerise platform have enabled the implementation of new ideas to encourage customers to engage in shopping on the YES website during the most demanding holiday season.

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