Synerise Certification Program

We want to give you the opportunity to explore our Self-Service AI-driven data and experience operating platform hands-on and thus help you validate the skills that will completely transform your career. The right level of knowledge will allow you to make the most of the platform and help you set up effective & pragmatic business scenarios that will meet customer expectations and help you stay ahead of the competition.


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Power of certification

Synerise certification is proof that you know how to work with various modules offered by the platform, which will broaden your experience in specific areas and help you immediately apply this knowledge to achieve specific business goals.

  • Personal certificates

    Get a certificate that will confirm your skills in using the Synerise platform.

  • Confirmation of skills

    Use the certificate on your social media professional profiles to confirm your skills.

  • Several levels of proficiency

    Get a fair level of proficiency from foundation through professional to master.

Levels of certification

We have designed several levels of certification so that you can choose the certificate with the module and level that best suits your needs. Don't miss the opportunity to be one of the first to demonstrate your proven knowledge of our powerful platform.

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    We all have to start somewhere, and Fundamental Certification verifies that you’ve made a great start with Synerise. For Fundamental Certification, you’ll demonstrate thorough knowledge of the basics of the system, its organization and the possibilities it offers.

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    With this next step in certification in Synerise, users can show their advances skills and ability to create, deploy and track effective campaigns that get results. Professional users are ready to take control and use Synerise to impact any company’s bottom line.

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    There’s nothing these users don’t know about how Synerise works and the many ways it can be used to transform any ecommerce operation. Master users are distinguished by their creative, innovative use of the system and problem-solving abilities.

Certification program



As part of the communication module, you will gain general knowledge of the platform, possibilities of integration, and fluency in launching campaigns on Synerise including outbound campaigns, website content personalization campaigns, and mobile channel campaigns. Additionally, you will learn how to personalise content using inserts and dynamic elements on Synerise. Knowledge of how to personalize content using inserts and dynamic content in Synerise.


Your knowledge of the automation module will include good understanding of possible Synerise integrations with external systems, including the data structure in scenarios when it comes to events, attributes, tags; object clients, and the ability to operate the client’s objects. You will learn integration options available on Synerise and be able to perform “real-time” integrations with an external tool using outgoing and incoming webhooks. You are fluent in using the automation module and can independently run automated omnichannel workflows of varying complexity.


You know the options available through the AI Module at Synerise, including knowledge of the data structure and basic understanding of Cleora. You must know integration requirements to run selected AI modules on Synerise, independently run an AI model and launch AI campaigns, including product recommendation campaigns, personalized promotions, intelligent search engine, predictions. You must also have basic knowledge of Synerise campaign types and be able to use the AI model in selected campaigns (SMS, email, push etc).


Having completed the analytics module, you will gain general knowledge of Synerise, the data structure on Synerise, basic knowledge of Terrarium and will fluently use the analytical module on Synerise. You will also be able to independently prepare analytical queries and present analyses on analytical dashboards on Synerise.


Integration is a very important part of the Synerise platform, that is why we require you to know the possible Synerise integrations with external systems, be able to prepare a schedule for initial implementations, collect integration requirements for scenarios of various complexity. The master level is designed for those who will work with clients, that is why we require you to have the ability to comprehensively lead the Synerise implementation process on the client’s site and adjust methods of integration according to planned client scenarios.


During the certification process, we will check your knowledge of mobile marketing on Synerise, because you have to know the options of integrating Synerise with the client’s mobile application. We will check your ability to prepare a Synerise implementation schedule in the mobile application, your ability to lead and comprehensively guide the Synerise implementation process in the mobile application and adjust methods of integration to client scenarios.


The Jinjava module includes knowledge such as general understanding of the use of JinJava (Java-based template engine based on Django template syntax) on Synerise. Candidates have to know how to use Jinjava to personalize content and know advanced mechanisms of personalization and content enrichment on Synerise.

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