The image presents campaign metrics using symbols such as diagrams and percentages.

5 Ways to Analyze Campaign Metrics in Sales

These days it’s easy to analyze campaign metrics and their value in a particular channel over time. You can not only observe which segment converts best and what characterizes its members but also what communication channel is the most effective for your business. It is worth analyzing different sales channels in combination with several other […]

The image shows the word AGILE using symbols in reference to agile marketing - rulers, balls, guide posts and diagrams.

What Is Agile Marketing and Why You’re Going to Like It

There are still marketers out there who use a certain kind of template for researching, organizing and launching campaigns. It’s tried and true and the kind of routine that starts with a Monday morning cup of coffee and stretches to a Friday afternoon finish line. They start by building a database and creating segments, get […]

Cover image for the post answering why people unsubscribe from email lists, presenting an envelope coming out of a shopping bag.

4 Reasons Why People Unsubscribe from Your Email List

You might be wondering why your email campaigns don’t get the results you want and why your email marketing activities, for unknown reasons, lead to a gradual shortening of your subscriber lists. To understand why this happens, imagine yourself standing in front of a huge overloaded wardrobe with a sense of helplessness as you complain […]

The illustration presents the topic of the article (how to write an email subject line) by using a computer screen and computer keyboard.

Email Subject Line: the Secret Agent of Conversion

Have you ever wondered what influences the way emails are perceived by the recipient? How long should the email be? What kind of titles work best? Should you put graphics into the content? What should the footer look like? So many questions, so few answers. Let’s try to look at each of them individually and […]

The illustration presents proximity marketing using symbols - a mobile device, speech bubble and network.

5 Proximity Marketing Ideas for Seamless Customer Experience

Increased usage of mobile devices gives advertisers new ways of acquiring and retaining customers. Marketers who know how to use the power of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or geographical data can display an elastic range of content on mobile devices. Proximity marketing is the practice of promoting products or services based on a customer’s physical location. This […]

The picture represents the topic of the post (designing an e-commerce website) using a button with a plus sign and a cursor click.

Designing an E-commerce Website that Drives Conversions

The nostalgic days of brick and mortar businesses ruling the world of commerce are over. Stores and marketplaces have gone digital, which has given customers the ability to buy and compare products and services without ever having to leave their seats. We refer to these transactions over the internet as e-commerce. To ensure you’re getting […]

The illustration presents a metaphor of optimizing sales metrics using geometric shapes, graphs and ruler.

7 Sales Metrics to Optimize for Your E-commerce

It’s essential to not only analyze customer data individually but also to keep an eye on sales metrics. Below you’ll find a few indicators that are worth combining to find out more about your customers’ shopping habits.   Total transaction value in specific time and channel Components: Total transaction Value Time Range Channels (online e-commerce/offline […]

The illustration presents customer retention as a magnet attracting balls symbolizing customers, one of the balls represents a smiling face.

14 Hacks for Better Customer Retention Rate

Acquiring new clients costs a lot more than holding on to existing customers. Loyal and satisfied customers also buy more often, spend more and are more likely to recommend your store or services to friends. It’s clear that customer retention should occupy a very important place in your company’s strategy. Read on to find out […]

How to refresh old content - the illustration presents blocks of text on a computer screen divided with a line in the middle.

Good as New! How to Refresh Old Content

A simple makeover can do wonders for transforming the familiar into something new. It might be your personal style, home decor or anything that you can add your own unique touch to. Everything old can be new again with the right updates. The same is true of your marketing content. Here’s how to refresh old […]